How to track IP address location

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IP address location


An IP address is a unique address of a computer or device. It may be compared to a fingerprint.


Finding or tracking the IP address of some Internet user could be useful if you want to get some information about him or her, for example, the city and country where he lives, or his operating system and browser. That’s not much, but still something, especially if you want to confirm that this is not some person you know.


Thankfully, there are many free web services out there to help you achieve this task quickly. For example, go to, type in the needed IP address, and it will instantly show a very detailed information about the associated device: country, region, ISP (Internet Service Provider) name, time zone, the browser used.


Geolocation is important part of IP address lookup, since many such services allow very precise spotting of the user on a map. You may not always find exact address, but it’s quite easy to find the city. You can also check other related information about the IP location of the address.


Why would you need to locate someone’s IP address? Well, this may be useful for web masters who wish to know their users better. Or, you may want to locate some person on a map to make sure whether he is really the one he pretends to be. Possible options and situations vary. Though, keep in mind that locating someone’s IP address doesn’t reveal his or her physical address.


Sometimes it may be necessary to obtain some information about yourself, for example, which ISP you are using. In this case, services like that reveal this information by your IP may be of great help.