How to change my IP address

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How to change my IP address


There a quite a few ways to change one’s IP address. Some are simpler, others are more complex. One of the simplest methods is the following: turn off or unplug your router or modem for several minutes (say, five). You computer may be on or off, it doesn’t matter. In the majority of cases, this simple operation will change your IP address to a new one unless it’s static.


In case it doesn’t help, try to unplug your router overnight. In the morning, your IP address should be different. The reason for this is that the router reassigns your IP address after each reboot. Usually it is the router that assigns dynamic IP addresses to home computers with an Internet connection. Many users keep asking, ‘How should I change my IP address?’, without knowing this simple trick.


There is another simple IP address changer for those who have a laptop or some other portable device with a Wi-Fi connection. Just go to any restaurant, store, coffee shop, or any other place where free Wi-Fi is offered. Once you go online there, your IP will instantly change since you are using a different connection.


A little bit more sophisticated way to change your IP address is using a proxy or VPN service. There are free ones over the Internet. Usually they are easy to install and use with little or no settings required.


To verify that your IP has changed, you may use some of the free Web tools for that, like Just open this page in your browser, and it will instantly show your current IP, you won’t have to even type anything. By the way, it’s also a handy way to see your provider, time zone, country, and some other info.


Why would someone want to change his or her IP? There are several reasons for that, like increased security, avoiding tracking and blocking. For example, if some site or service blocks your IP address and won’t let you in, you may get there by just changing your IP.