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To use HMA for a month you should pay $11.52. The 6-month plan costs $49.99 (27% off), while a year costs $78.66 (43% off). There is a free 30-day test period as well. If you decide to use a paid service and then change your mind within 30 days, HMA will fully refund you. As mentioned above, there is also a completely free plan which could be more than sufficient for many users.


Hide My Ass started as a simple proxy server for anonymous work and hiding IP address, but eventually turned into a powerful Internet security suite. Today HMA offers anonymous email, secure file download, protection from hackers, viruses, and spam, and a so-called Secure IP Binding – dynamic IP addressing along with a powerful encryption of every Internet session.


Hide My Ass offers strong encryption and location hiding. In the past, the service was criticized for too tight cooperation with the government, after it revealed the IP address of a known hacker to authorities. Whatever you may think about this practice, HMA has had a lot of positive feedback over the years and was never known for any massive leaks of personal data.


Hide My Ass offers first class support, such as its 30-day money back policy, but there is more. You can always receive help via chat or phone. HMA has a large community where you can receive tips, answers, and insight, while the website offers an impressive collection of references and guides.

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    HMA vpn not best vpn serivce ... thank you for review


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