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StrongVPN prices are not the best in the industry, they are quite high: $21 for 3 months or $55 a year. Though some may think this is cheap, note that at this price point only basic PPTP with minimum features is available, while more advanced OpenVPN will cost you $65 for 3 months or $210 for a year. Pundits don’t recommend using PPTP due to its high vulnerability. Besides, StrongVPN pricing plans are rather hard to understand and contain hidden options not described on the website.


StrongVPN operates more than 140 servers in the San Francisco area only and about 300 in other countries. All in all, it offers all the VPN functionality the majority of the users need. You can open blocked sites, switch between different protocols, choose servers in many countries. However, StrongVPN doesn’t allow unlimited server switching. You can switch 15-30 times a month depending on the plan.



StrongVPN security is very high which partly justifies its high price tag. For example, you may use encryption up to 2048-bit (which considerably slows down your computer, so less strong encryption is recommended in most cases). On the other hand, StrongVPN fully complies to the US laws and can hand users’ data to the government, so you shouldn’t use it for BitTorrent.


User support is perhaps the best feature of StrongVPN. It’s in its own league. You may ask any questions in the live chat or email 24/7 and get competent responses very quickly. And if that’s not enough for you, there is a forum to exchange ideas with other users and official blog with regularly updated articles, tips, and hints.

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