How to get a static IP address

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How to get a static IP address


Why would anyone want to get a statiс IP address? It’s an interesting question. To start with, there are dynamic or static IP (Internet Protocol) addresses, each one having its own pros and cons, and you should know both of them.


An IP address is something like a phone number: knowing your IP, any computer can send you data and/or receive it from you. Each device over the Internet has its own unique IP address. Most users have a static IP which does not change in time, but some do change, and they are called dynamic.


By default, home computers get a private address dynamically from the router. It is the simplest method because such addresses require very little, if any, configuration. After a computer reboots, it asks the router to assign the dynamic IP once again. This setup prevents many interesting scenarios, like port forwarding, running complex servers, etc. Besides, some sites, servers, or applications allow access from a list of pre-defined IP addresses only. In this case you have to use a static IP to work.


It is possible to set up a static IP manually, but this process is rather complex. Thankfully, there are free software that do it for you, for example Network Utilities Bundle. Such programs will find static IP address for you and configure your system properly. However, take note that your static IP should be unique and not shared with any other computer to avoid interferences.


To check that your IP is really static, you may use a free web service like