IP address info: what can you learn about people by their IP

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ip address info

The IP (Internet Protocol) address, the unique identifier of a device, is a very useful thing. It allows computers and other devices to communicate with each other whether via the Internet or some other network. The IP address is an essential part of the modern networking, and you wouldn’t be able to access Google, YouTube, Facebook, or any other site you love without it.

On the other hand, the Internet works in such a way that websites should know your IP address in order to give you the information you request. The IP includes information about its user, and your IP address information contains rather sensitive data about where you are. You may check it yourself: just open whoer.net, and you will instantly see your own IP and a number of details below: your country, city, time zone, provider, etc.

Moreover, law enforcement agencies may track users by their IP address info right to their doorstep, usually with the help of Internet service providers. That’s why, unless you’re using some very sophisticated methods, you shouldn’t think that you can do whatever you want on the Web, and nobody will find you. The Internet is far from being a safe heaven for criminals, mainly due to the IP location info.

Exactly for this reason, there are services like VPNs and proxies and anonymizers that conceal users and their IPs. But keep in mind that real anonymity on the Web is not as easy as some people think, and many free solutions are just not worth your time. When choosing a VPN, pick one created by privacy experts, that doesn’t keep logs, and protects your confidentiality, like the VPN from Whoer.net.

The IP address allows you to look up information about other people too. If you know someone’s IP (it may be easily obtained from their emails, for example), just copy it and paste into whoer.net. Boom – you see where the person is down to his or her city. It may be very handy in some cases.

In the same way, you may look up information about websites by their domain IP info. In this case, you shouldn’t even know the exact IP. Just type the domain on the whoer.net page, for example facebook.com. The site automatically translates the domain into the IP, and you can instantly see the same information as you would get by the IP lookup.

The IP address can be a powerful tool – and fun too. But don’t panic too much. Some people think that the IP allows to track every detail about a person down to the birth date and credit card number. That is not the case, of course.

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    if someone knows your IP address and your ISP can they say see where you have posted comments in forums? Can they see what comments you have posted? can they see if you have used an im service such as whatsapp or snap chat?

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