Best VPN for Netflix

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Best VPN for Netflix


Do you want to know the best VPN for Netflix?


Netflix is perhaps the most popular on-demand TV content provider on the planet. It allows watching popular TV shows and hot new blockbusters in real time or buy them on DVD and Blu-ray. But, alas, the majority of the world population just can’t watch it. It is officially available in the US, Canada, all the South America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and several European countries: Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Spain, Ireland, United Kingdom, Portugal, and Italy, and it has about 61 million subscribers in total. That’s all, folks. All the rest can watch old good YouTube or download their favorite “Game of Thrones” episodes from torrents.


Or not? Nope! With the help of Virtual Private Network (VPN) services you can mask your IP and other network credentials and connect to Netflix as a regular US-based user. As a result, everything available for US viewers becomes available for you! You will essentially watch US Netflix as though you were in the country yourself.


Netflix doesn’t like this practice and tries to ban VPNs, but with mixed results. While many VPNs indeed don’t work with Netflix, some of them do – via sophisticated IP cloaking techniques that Netflix is incapable to detect.


Moreover, even in the countries officially supported by Netflix, not all the users have the same content because of license restrictions of various kinds. The biggest catalog is for the US users. This problem can also be solved with the help of VPNs.


Among many VPNs available on the Internet, we’ve hand-picked for you the two that really give you the best Netflix experience. The first one is Whoer VPN, and it’s definitely one of the best in class. It boasts solid functionality and support, runs on Ma and PC. Windows users don’t have to run the program as administrator, which greatly adds to security. Many payment options are supported.


 By the way, another problem for Netflix outside the US and in the US too, is a so called bandwidth throttling. It is known that Internet providers are not very happy when users stream TV content a lot. So even if you are a legitimate, official US Netflix user, you may be throttled by your provider and eventually lose the ability to watch movies at the maximum speed. VPN allows you to bypass your ISP so that it just won’t see what you’re doing online, what sites you visit, and what kind of traffic you consume.


This VPN service will instantly allow you to get US Netflix from whatever country you’re in, and watch it without any hassles and bandwidth throttling. Enjoy!


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    Dedicated server

    I have been been using surf easy for netflix, amazon prime, hbo. Recently surf easy blocked me Unfortunately to that they know i am using a vpn. I am retired in Mexico but have address and credit cards in usa. Does someone has an idea. I am desperate.


    For that reason, despite Netflix adding the anti-VPN clause to the contract, in reality, it is highly unlikely

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