Facebook IP address

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Facebook IP address


Facebook is undoubtedly the most comprehensive, popular, widely-used, and profitable social network of all time. But sometimes it becomes unavailable, as any other site in the world. In such cases, people often look for the Facebook IP address in order to access it or check its network status.


And this might be a very handy solution. If you are unable to access some site in a usual way, by its URL (like “facebook.com“), knowing the site’s IP may help. Sometimes it even allows to access a site otherwise inaccessible. Even if some IP won’t open, you may try all the values in the Facebook IP list one by one.


The easiest way to get to know the Facebook IP is using a web service like whoer.net. Just open this URL in your browser and type “facebook.com” (without the quotes) in the box in the top of the page. You will instantly get the IP address:


Now you may easily use it to access the Facebook home page by just typing it in your browser address bar, the way you type normal URLs. In some cases you have to add “http://” in the beginning.


Whoer.net also allows to get the whole Facebook IP range which is – Thus you can diversify the IPs you use by modifying the last number of the address.