Hiding Yourself in Social Networks. Social Media Privacy

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How to hide in social media
To protect your privacy in social networks, just get a widget for 100 dollars a year, and it will hinder other people from accessing what you post online, especially if these posts may create a bad image of yourself in the eyes of hiring committee members or someone else. BrandYourself provides you with the software that will present your network profile to the Internet community in a positive light and hush up whatever you prefer to hide from others.


The above-mentioned widget goes through all of your posts in social media and blocks your negative comments about other people, prohibited topics, and so on. Mind that photos and images remain open to the public, unfortunately, and they may reveal pretty much about your online self.


So, if you are worried about what a college admissions committee may learn about your Internet presence, you’d better change it by yourself, no matter how long it may take you.


Do some research about your online self


Google your name, and you’ll know in a sec what your image on the Internet. You’ll find all the ambivalent and embarrassing posts and photos associated with you. What’s more, this method will also tell you whether your online accounts are accessible to other people online and how much information about you they may get from those sources.


Enhancing your social network security


Don’t forget to activate your privacy settings on Instagram or wherever you have an online account. We recommend that you opt for making your social media accounts 100% private, but you are the one who have the final say as to the extent of your privacy on the Internet.



Make sure that just only your friends have access to the information you post online and that others only see your picture and name. Others should be able to view your images only after getting your permission to do so, and even your friends should get your authorization before tagging you. Check your account on a regular basis to keep track of your previous posts and always keep in mind that others may have used your posts or pictures with bad intentions, which may harm your online image.



Keep track of everything you make available on the Internet, since many people may not like them. If you do put ambivalent posts or images online, just turn on your privacy settings to the maximum. Go through your old posts and delete those that other would better not see.



You have two options. Either turn your privacy settings on or get rid – albeit temporarily – of the content that might compromise you. This platform has a new service, Archive, which makes it possible for you to delete a post and get it back later, if necessary.


Other platforms.

Get all the necessary information about handling privacy settings. Remember that, in some social media, users don’t need your authorization to save your pictures. Last but not least: only people you really know should be able to get access to your information.


Get rid of old accounts


If you had an account with Twitter in the past but don’t use it any longer, just get rid of it permanently, especially if your old accounts can be visited by other users, because all you should be worried about online is protecting your privacy.