Is Taxi Uber Tracker following you?

Автор поста: VPNHOOK

Taxi Uber tracking app recently came up with something new, which boils down to this: it tracks you for a few minutes even if you’re no longer in the cab and your app is off. So, to remedy this issue, we’ll give you some hints on how to shake off this new option.

Uber tracking app demands that you should accept their new regulations, and they even make an effort to explain you why it is important to do this:

Our aim in doing this is to improve your safety and our services. Data is collected: 1) when our app is on; 2) During you trip from the time of your booking to the end of it; 3) 5 minutes after you leave the cab.

All of this leaves much to be desired, frankly speaking. Despite some agencies’ efforts to do something about this situation by reporting this to the FTC, they never obtained any response and, consequently, nothing has changed.

Don’t panic, however, as Uber allows users to turn this option off by following a few simple steps:


On Android


Go to Settings, then Apps, click on Uber, select Permission and then Location


Lollipop (5.1):


Go to Settings, then Location and Off




Go to Settings, choose Privacy, then Location Services, open Uber and select Never