Private/Anonymous Search Engines

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Today let’s talk about anonymous search systems that neither “spoil” search with odd scripts nor log your searches., safe search site

DuckDuck is the most popular anonymous search engine nowadays. It even serves as the default search in the anonymous browser Tor. DuckDuck is also available for browsers Firefox and Opera. This private search is known for not using scripts in hyperlinks and not showing ads and malware sites. DuckDuckGo lets you use special characters and symbols. And, of course, the lack of user tracking is a huge advantage.

Let’s see how the URL is displayed in this anonymous search:


As you can see, no hidden behavior scripts – just a direct link!

Another DuckDuckGo’s advantage is its full support of the HTTPS protocol. Right now this setting is disabled by default, but you can easily enable it through the convenient main menu. After doing so, all search traffic will be additionally encrypted.

Anonymous search IxQuick

IxQuick is the most private search system today. Its servers employ a highly powerful metasearch system which means the following: when you enter your query, IxQuick gives you results from ten different search systems combining them in its own window with unique ranking. Despite this prowess, no user tracking is done, and even your IP address is not logged anywhere. That said, any user can allow the engine to save their search preferences on the server in cookies, and they will be either automatically deleted once in three months or updated on each visit to the IxQuick main page.

We recommend our users to use any of the aforementioned search engines to search anonymously avoiding revealing your actions.