Best 5 Jabber Clients

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5 best jabber clients

Jabber refers to a software within the eponym network, which is extremely popular with a great number of clients, including programs and multiple versions for this or that platform, along with clients for tablets, laptops, among others. You will even be able to chat after installing a program or through a browser. While a wide range of Jabber apps is available for users to choose from, we suggest that you opt for one of the best ones listed below:


This Jabber messenger is free of charge and runs on all systems, such as Windows or Linux. Although it has become an XMPP client only a while ago, it stayed afloat and did not get lost among other Jabber apps. Quite on the contrary, it dared defying the top apps, with its brand new features, namely anonymity and safety. If you opt for this app, you have two options: install it as a standard desktop program or as a portable one.

Major WIME specifications are given below:

– The same people who created the VPN authored the app in question, meaning you can have absolute trust in its anonymity.

– Your tabs are opened automatically after you restart the program.

– You can select a number of commands that will make your most frequents actions carried out with an increased speed.

– OTR encryption is integrated in the app and runs by default.

– No contacts can be replaced without your knowing it.

– Messages are stored and can be viewable in chat windows.

Pidgin Jabber

This popular app functions in accordance with the General Public license and has been around longer than any other related app, more specifically eighteen years. It presents almost no drawback, as its creators had enough time to fine-tune everything about it.

The client is updated on a regular basis and new options make it more user-friendly than ever. The most recent update is the so-called Telegram protocol. The app features numerous plugins, and users can safely communicate through various chats, such as social media, ICQ, etc.

Pidgin is available in over eighty languages.

PSI Jabber

This app is well known among users. However, it was last updated five years ago and, most probably, new updates are not to be expected.

Despite this, it features a number of great default specifications, including encrypted traffic, activity by means of HTTPS, distant work and more.

Spark Jabber

The Jabber app is used in specific locations around the world and is regularly updated. Its only drawback is that it functions the best with the Openfireserver.


This app does not really belong to the Jabber family, being an instant messaging program featuring Jabber among its protocols. It still acts as a professional Jabber app in many respects and keeps user profiles externally.