5 best jabber clients

Best 5 Jabber Clients

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Jabber refers to a software within the eponym network, which is extremely popular with a great number of clients, including programs and multiple versions for this or that platform, along with clients for tablets, laptops, among others. You will even ...
анонимные ос

Anonymous Operating Systems Review

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It’s not just fashionable to be anonymous on the Internet, but also necessary. Anonymity is necessary even for downloading a music album! For this, almost all browser programs have the “anonymous” button, and some even install a VPN program alongside ...
Анонимные поисковые системы

Private/Anonymous Search Engines

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  Today let’s talk about anonymous search systems that neither “spoil” search with odd scripts nor log your searches. DuckDuckGo.com, safe search site DuckDuck is the most popular anonymous search engine nowadays. It even serves as the default search in ...