VpnHook is an independent list of vpn providers. We will tell you about TOP 10 VPN-services. HMA, Kepard, PIA and many others VPN providers reviews. If you cannot open some site due to a government ban or restriction, just set up a VPN connection, and the site is up and running again. VPN services are largely used by big companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and many other organizations that need to work securely online.

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Whoer review

$4 per month

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Whoer is a real Swiss army knife of the Internet! Just consider: one site with an easy-to-remember address contains not one, not two, but five highly useful Internet services. Let’s have a look at each one of them.




Just enter the site, and instantly, without ever typing anything, you’ll see tons of useful info about your own Internet connection. Here are your IP address, DNS, country, city, Internet service provider (ISP), operating system, browser version, language info, browser headings, plugin versions, display ...


CactusVPN review

$4.99 per month

CactusVPN is a new, small, but very ambitious VPN player from Moldova with an interesting ratio of prices to features. It offers a low and flexible pricing, high level of security, and high speed, which is very interesting for both ...

CryptoVPN review

$25 per month

CryptoVPN offers Virtual Private Network services with powerful performance and very convenient options. The service runs 10 servers in different countries and offers a number of popular VPN protocols, while the support is really helpful when it's needed. ...

CyberGhost review

$4.99 per month

CyberGhost is an easy, secure, and, most importantly, free VPN service based in Romania. Yes, several basic VPN functions are absolutely free. The software is very easy to install. You can manually choose a country and an IP address or ...

ExpressVPN review

$12.95 per month

ExpressVPN is a simple, yet powerful Virtual Private Network service available for all basic operating systems. The service operates about 100 servers in 97 cities of 78 countries. Numerous and flexible options, simplicity of the interface, and flexible pricing make ...

HotVPN review

$11.99 per month

HotVPN is a Virtual Private Network solution founded in 2006. It allows 100% secure and safe web browsing thanks to monstrous 2048-bit encoding and a number of advanced features such as instant switching between servers. HotVPN has servers in several ...