VpnHook is an independent list of vpn providers. We will tell you about TOP 10 VPN-services. HMA, Kepard, PIA and many others VPN providers reviews. If you cannot open some site due to a government ban or restriction, just set up a VPN connection, and the site is up and running again. VPN services are largely used by big companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and many other organizations that need to work securely online.


ZorroVPN review

$15 per month

ZorroVPN is the «reflection of professional experience in anonymity and web security over many years of research and providing private services», according to its official website. It's difficult to argue with that since the service really offers vast amount of ...

VyprVPN review

$9.99 per month

VyprVPN is a product of GoldenFrog launched in 2009 with the goal to give Internet users complete confidentiality and security online. The service encrypts all connections, prevents spying, allows to access blocked sites via its vast VPN network. You can ...

TrustVPN review

$9 per month

TrustVPN is a reliable Russian VPN service with servers in more than 20 countries and such important features as IP address hiding, opening blocked or unaccessible sites, protection from hackers, etc. According to the developers, the service is for those ...

TorGuard review

$9.99 per month

TorGuard is a universal suite for secure work in the Internet. Protection from hackers, censorship, personal data theft, ISP spying, and many other threats is well implemented with TopGuard. This is actually a family of similar services and products that ...