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StrongVPN review

$4.58 per month

StrongVPN is one of the oldest VPN services, it's been around since 2006. Nowadays it's a quite large firm with more than 60 employees including top Windows, Mac and Linux experts, which allows high level of support for these platforms. ...

ShadeYou VPN review

$3.95 per month

ShadeYou is a popular Russian VPN provider that allows you to change your IP address, hide your Internet history, and open any blocked site. The service does not log your online activities or throttle your traffic, supports many platforms such ...

PrivateInternetAccess review

$6.95 per month

VPN service with a telling name Private Internet Access was founded in the United Kingdom to give its users a secured tunnel with several layers of security for anonymous and safe work in the Internet. Every user may obtain his ...

Kepard review

$7 per month

Kepard is a premium VPN service allowing its users transmit and receive unlimited amounts of encrypted traffic over its servers. This Moldova-based service works since 2013 and has huge following thanks to its low prices, simple interface, and unlimited options. ...

IronSocket review

$6.99 per month

IronSocket was founded in 2005 and was originally dubbed HideMyNet, but later rebranded. This Hong Kong-based VPN service operates about 50 servers across the world and offers traditional encryption with no logs stored. The service is swift and easy to ...