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Kepard offers very democratic pricing which is one of the lowest in the industry. One month costs only $7, while a yearly subscription is just $35. You can also pay $19 for 3 months or test the service for free during 15 days. The Moldovans offer another interesting option – absolutely free work 30 minutes a day.


Kepard positions itself as a standard VPN service without «bells and whistles», and that is quite sufficient for many users. Security, intuitiveness, affordability, elegant simplicity are perhaps its main benefits. That said, Kepard has an impressive list of features too: unlimited traffic, high speed, all basic protocols, Android app, torrents and P2P networks support, servers in multiple countries.


Kepard uses a strong 256-bit encryption across L2TP/IPSec, OpenVPN, PPTP. Users’ actions are logged for 3 days only, and then deleted irreversibly. The logs contain only IP addresses and session timings.


Kepard is a small company with a small, but quite effective support team. Its members are always ready to help users via email. Besides, there is large collection of guides and FAQs on the website so that you are very likely to solve your problem on your own.

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